How began

The idea for Date Positive came about in 2004 after a friend learned that she had an STD and didn’t know how she would meet a new partner.

She also wanted to find new friends with the same kind of experience to gain support and feel less isolated.  She searched the Internet and discovered that all the dating and friendship websites for people with STDs, including AIDS and HIV, were based in North America.

We realised through her experience that there wasn’t a UK site for people living with STDs such as AIDS, HIV, and herpes.  Single people with an STD can feel a lot of stress when it comes developing a new relationship., which launched in September 2006, helps take away the fear of rejection and worry. Continue reading

Date Positive

Date Positive is an online dating website for people with an STD/STI.

The website is the first and only dating and friendship website for people in UK and Republic of Ireland. It is open for membership to anyone with HIV, herpes, HPV, hepatitis or any other STD. We also welcome people who are seeking new friends or are looking to talk to others about living with an STD.

We launched in September, 2006, and have just under 3,000 members. Currently we are undergoing a software upgrade and in the very near future we will be relaunching the website. Continue reading