Risks of trichomonas; datepositive.net member gets advice from Dr Gerlis

Q. It took me a long time to realise something was wrong and after getting tested I learned I had trich.

Are there risks because it was left untreated for so long?

A. Trichomonas is easily treated and does not cause long term damage – there should be no problem arising from the delay in treatment. - Dr. Laurence Gerlis.

Best type of condom for protection against an STD?

Q. Which is the best kind of condom? Is it latex or polyurethane?  Do they protect against STDs? A datepositive.net member.

A. It is not the type of condom but the way it is used that matters.  Properly used, condoms significantly reduce the transmission of STDs.

However, there are skin contacts outside the condom area and I have seen Herpes, HPV and mollluscum transmitted in this way despite condom use.

Improper use of condoms include:  not using it until penetration (ie some unprotected sex before), not using it till orgasm, condom breaking, condom slipping off, infection creeping around the sides of a condom.  So you are still at risk even with a condom. - Dr. Laurence Gerlis.

Transmit herpes without symptoms?

Q. I have started seeing someone who does not have herpes (I do). He is unsure about us sleeping together and to be honest I don’t blame him.

I don’t want to pressure him. I had one outbreak and that was it. If I had warning symptoms of a future outbreak or another outbreak we would not have sex. If he uses a condom while I don’t have any blisters, will he be ok?

What else can we do to reduce his risk of getting herpes?  Is there anything I can do to reduce the chances of another outbreak? - A Datepositive.net member Continue reading