Is it safe to meet people using online dating sites?

Q. What is you view of online dating?  I have not done this before and am concerned about people on the site.  It is hard for me to meet new people in my work and this seems like a good idea.

But reading a description and not knowing someone leads me to be uncertain.

Do you think there are things a person can do to improve chances of meeting? - A Datepositive member.

A. There is always uncertainty in meeting someone for the first time, whether it is from the internet, at a bar, at work etc.  At least from the internet you have some details, some of which could of course be false, but such info could be given to you at your first meeting anywhere else.

You need to have your ‘first meeting filter’ on, knowing that the person is on their best behaviour and will not be revealing any negatives.  You then pursue the relationship if you like what you see, or don’t bother if you don’t.  Likewise if you like/don’t like the description you read, you act accordingly. You will never know if you don’t take that first step.  Don’t forget they will be equally anxious about any meeting you arrange.

With any first meeting it is always best to meet and stay in a public place.  Sometimes some folk like to have a ‘get out’ plan if the person disappoints i.e. get a friend to ring you an hour later and excuse yourself sighting an emergency if necessary.  It is important to give yourself the right to leave when you choose.

You  could alternatively try to meet new people by doing voluntary work, or join a club/night classes/walking groups etc., but first it’s having the confidence in yourself, to like and respect yourself and to give yourself the same rights as you would a very good friend. Take care. - Frankie Hall.

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