Transmit herpes without symptoms?

Q. I have started seeing someone who does not have herpes (I do). He is unsure about us sleeping together and to be honest I don’t blame him.

I don’t want to pressure him. I had one outbreak and that was it. If I had warning symptoms of a future outbreak or another outbreak we would not have sex. If he uses a condom while I don’t have any blisters, will he be ok?

What else can we do to reduce his risk of getting herpes?  Is there anything I can do to reduce the chances of another outbreak? - A member

A. If you have only had one outbreak that is encouraging suggesting type 1 herpes.

Although you can transmit without symptoms (internal lesions), the fact that you do not get recurrence reduces the risk of transmission.  If your first attack was within the last year, you should use a condom.

Keeping your general health good (plenty of sleep, reduce stress, alcohol and nicotine etc) will reduce your chances of another outbreak. - Dr. Laurence Gerlis

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