Online dating photo advice: a photo really does help your chances of success

There’s no doubt that in the world of online dating adding a photo to your profile is a must.

It’s accepted that that profiles with a photo are much more likely to receive more messages from other daters than those without a photo.

Members may think that profiles without photos are not be real. Or they may think they have been posted by people who feel uncomfortable using a dating website. The days of online dating being viewed as a place for misfits or those unlucky in love are long gone. And so if you post without an image, it’s likely that you’ll be viewed as someone who’s not serious about online dating. The result is that you won’t receive many (if any) messages from other users. Continue reading

Online dating website profiles checked by people not machines equals quality

Every profile submitted to Datepositive is checked manually by a person and not by a machine. is the UK’s top HIV dating and Herpes dating website, and is committed to quality and customer service.

The procedure has helped our Datepositive become successful.  The focus on quality means that most people put an effort into writing a profile – so you’re not going to click on a profile in the search page and find that it is empty.

Datepositive has a mandatory number of characters that must be entered in the profile description field. I’d guess that 95 % of members make an effort and write a fair or good profile.

Occasionally we have profiles submitted that are full of random characters, and we take a pretty strong position on this kind of profile – they are deleted.

To be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would join a dating website and not bother to write a half-decent profile. What’s the point? Your profile page is designed to make you appear interesting – so if it’s empty or shows no effort you won’t receive any interest from other members.

Datepositive aims to attract genuine people who really want to connect with other people.  By encouraging people to write good profiles, we’re putting the needs of genuine members first.

I’d say that if a dating website is judged on the quality of its profiles, then we’re doing pretty well.

Checking profiles is also one of the many steps we take to protect your safety. Everything you see on the site has been approved by our team. And we monitor the Datepositive daily to deal with any issues.  If you have a complaint, feel like a profile looks fake, or have a problem with another member, send an email and we will respond the same day.

Man gets HIV after working on HIV project

A 25-year-old man became HIV positive while working on an HIV project in Africa.

Darren (not his real name) went on the volunteer project a few years ago. It was designed to help and support people with HIV.

“On my last night abroad I had a farewell party and got pretty drunk and slept with a woman who had AIDS,” he explained.  “When I got back to the UK I discovered I was HIV positive.” Continue reading

Woman harassed after revealing HIV status, she tells

A woman who told her line manager she was HIV positive said she was harassed at work and pressured not to take time off for medical appointments.

Annette (not her real name) revealed her status because she hoped that by being honest and open she would receive support and understanding. But her manager was difficult and said that time off for appointments would be limited.

Other members of staff at the same company complained that Annette was receiving preferencial treatment by insisting that she attend a number of appointments in close succession. Continue reading