Autumn sale almost over – but still time to upgrade at

Datepositive is the best value HIV Dating and Herpes Dating site in the UK.

We are currently running an Autumn 2012 sale. This allows members to get one month’s Premium membership for just £2.99. We believe this is incredible value. If you are Standard, upgrade today for only £2.99.

You can also take advantage of this offer if you are already Premium.  Simply go thorough the payment process and complete it, and you will be adding a month to you membership for only £2.99.

The sale runs until Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012.

Autumn 2012 sale at until Saturday

Datepositive is the best value HIV Dating and Herpes Dating site in the UK.

To prove it, we have launched our Autumn 2012. You can get one month’s Premium membership for just £2.99. Incredible value. If you are Standard, upgrade today for only £2.99.

And if you are Premium, add a month to you membership for only £2.99.

The sale runs until Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012.

Profile of the Month offer back at is bringing back Profile of the Month at the end of October.

Profile of the Month is where we pick two of the best written profiles and give them a free upgrade or a free extension of three months Premium membership.

This is a great win-win for the site and its members. It means the site has better profiles and you’ll enjoy using so much more, and two people get free upgrades. Couldn’t be easier! is the UK’s largest HIV dating and herpes dating website and offers the lowest upgrade fees.

Find it hard to say hello on IM? Some ideas to get the conversation going

Some time ago we suggested that Wednesday and Thursday evenings should be IM nights on

The idea is to try to get as many people on the site after 7pm on those evenings. If we make this a time for IM and more people log on, the chances of successfully connecting with someone on this hiv dating and herpes dating website are much greater.

A few people have emailed and said it is really hard to just to strike up a conversation with a stranger. We realise that, and so to make it easier here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a risk. That’s what online dating is all about. You have to be able to put yourself out there and make people favourites, send messages, and try to chat. If you don’t get a reply, don’t feel badly, try a new person.

2. Be Polite. You might not be attracted or feel drawn to the person who’s making contact for the first time, but put yourself in their shoes. It’s not easy. So just take a few seconds to say hi. You never know, you might be in for a pleasant surprise :)

3. Asking a couple of questions is a great way of breaking the ice. Ask someone about their job or how their day has been. These are good ways to get the conversation going.

4. If you come on to IM one night and don’t connect with anyone or hit if off in a good way, don’t worry and don’t be put off. Come back and try again. Stay focused and be positive and you will find what you are looking for.

5. Be respectful. If someone says they don’t want to chat, be accepting and see if someone else is available.

We wish you all the best with IM and the whole site. Be daring, get out there and make contact, and make connections happen!

Purpose of a herpes dating website – getting support

In our last post about herpes dating and the purpose of a herpes dating website, we spoke about the need for a herpes dating website because it is very difficult for people with herpes to find a new partner.

The difficulty lies around the fact that often people will reveal that they have herpes to someone and discover that they are rejected, and their new date is not interested. So a herpes dating website deals effectively with that issue by removing the need to have that kind of conversation.

A herpes dating website takes away the need for that kind of conversation. You make your status clear as soon as you join, and do away with the difficulty, discomfort and potential rejection that “that” conversation can lead to.

But another reason for a herpes dating website UK is the issue of support – emotional support for people with herpes. You will find many like-minded who have struggled emotionally and felt down after discovering they have herpes. Some people have blamed themselves and been really hard on themselves, unnecessarily.

At a website like can offer a huge amount of comfort if you are feeling down and are looking for support.  You can find this by connecting with people who have had similar experiences and who understand where you are at. You can receive empathy and understanding at a crucial time in your life when you really need it.

We also have a counsellor section and if you are struggling you can send in a question to and we will happily get counsellor Frankie Hall to answer it.  This is the place to turn to for herpes advice UK, and we are here to help.