Datepositive has more members, HIVmatch acknowledges

The unnecessary argument between our site and HIVmatch has finally been resolved.

We didn’t receive a reply to our final email to Nigel Woodforth, co-founder of HIVmatch.

We pointed out that his wording was unclear and that he was potentially damaging our website.

Not a peep from Nigel in response to our logical and clearly worded message. However, he has changed the wording on the homepage of HIVmatch to “5 times as many members as other exclusively HIV/AIDS sites”.

It’s the word exclusively that makes a difference to us.  It gives a small degree of clarification and we’re satisfied with that.

I will add that I am not sure which sites Nigel is referring to, but just for the record has almost twice as many members with HIV than

And it’s good see that HIVmatch acknowledges that . . . in a roundabout kind of way.

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