exaggerates member numbers is exaggerating its member numbers to gain an advantage in the market. is a UK-based online dating website for people with HIV. was alerted to a statement on hivmatch’s website claiming that it has five times as many members compared to other websites. suspected this was incorrect given our own success and also because hivmatch’s earlier reports about membership numbers were quite low.

To investigate, we took out a membership on and discovered that their site has approximately 1000 members – presumably all with HIV. has more than 4000 members, and more than 1600 have HIV.

We contacted earlier this week and had an email conversation with co-founder Nigel Woodforth. But he has refused to remove the statement, saying that Hivmatch exclusively serves people with HIV.

He misses the point. We’re not concerned with what segment of the market hivmatch serves. Our issue is with the misleading information on and the potential damage it could do to our business.

We’re not happy about having to go public with this, and it wasn’t our first choice. But we want people to be well-informed when it comes to paying hard-earned cash for online dating.

If you are looking for a dating website with more members with HIV, there simply isn’t a choice. has more members with HIV than And we couldn’t say it more clearly or more simply than that.

We’ll also be taking this up with the Office of Fair Trading.

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