HIV Websites in the UK

At our number one objective is to provide really good hiv dating and herpes dating service to our members. This means being responsive, staying open to ideas, and dealing with any problems immediately.

There are many, many HIV websites in the UK.  When we first went live in 2006 there were only one or two other HIV dating websites.  Not there are tens, if not hundreds. Some cme and go.

Why has our HIV website in the UK lasted? We believe it is about Quality. Quality is also important when it comes to the content of our site, and that includes profiles. Quite a few members have told us that performing a search and then clicking on profiles that read: “Just looking” or “I’ll fill this in later” is a let down, and a bit of a waste of time too.

Member profiles showing a bit of thought, humour, quirkiness or honesty go a long way to attracting interest – and that’s the first basic step in online dating: getting some interest and attention. As well, good profiles are what makes a dating website successful.

We want to provide the best possible experience, and for it to be an interesting community. So we don’t approve profiles like the two above. In fact, our site insists on a minimum of 120 words for a profile description. This sounds like a lot, but it’s not really – and we’re here to help if you are struggling to describe yourself or need a bit of inspiration.

We believe that if you’re serious about finding what you want – dating, love, friends, no-strings fun, or support – it all begins with a good profile. To help, we’ve got quite a few articles on this blog about profile writing.

Next, upload a photo – even if it is visible to only a tiny handful of people chosen by you. We know that for some people adding a photo can be a scary thing to do on an STD dating website. That’s why we have a really good privacy set up for photos. You decide who sees your picture, and when. It can be your favourites, Premium members, or the whole site. You are in control.

A profile with a photo attracts ten times more interest. And even if you select the strictest privacy options, everyone who comes across your profile intro in search results will see a little camera symbol next to your profile. This tells searchers that you’ve added a picture (even though they can’t see it) and that you are serious about using the website successfully. You will get more interest, more winks, be added to more favourite lists and receive more messages than profiles without a pic.

Quality goes a long way towards making us the best. And that’s what we want for you, our members. If you have any feedback on how to make things even better please get in touch –

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