member takes part in video about boyfriend who gave her herpes

A Datepositive member who has herpes and is using for herpes dating has been featured in an online production about STDs.

The online magazine TrueTube contacted Date Positive for help with production of one film in a series about STDs.

Lynn (not her real name) came forward to be a part of the production so that people could hear how devastating it can be when you get an STD from your partner – and you don’t know that your partner has an STD.

The 28-year-old tells how her boyfriend did not know he had herpes and pass it on to her. He denied having the virus and eventually she ended the relationship. She suffered from depression for several months as she came to terms with the break-up and the fact that she had herpes.

Towards the end of the production Lynn says that dating websites such as Date Positive have helped her improve her quality of life and she is starting to date people.

Rosanne Oppenheimer of TrueTube said: “We want to demonstrate firstly that there are many other people out there with the same problem, and they can go on to have healthy love and sex lives through resources like your website.”

TrueTube’s aim is to promote current issues and debate among young people, aged approximately 15-22. It produces produce videos and short films (two to three minutes in duration) on numerous social issues which are important to young people.

The film offer an online platform to debate and discuss these topics. It is also used as a free education resource within schools, colleges and universities.

* The herpes dating story video has since been moved to Youtube.

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