Life became intolerable after I got herpes – member tells

A woman who lived in a Cumbrian village said her life became intolerable after she got herpes.

She said that she dated a guy in the village but as soon as she told him she had herpes, he not only broke up with her but gossiped about her in the village pub.

Dianne (not her real name), said: “It was a nightmare experience for me and one that really set me back.
“I was just getting back on my feet after being infected by my ex. I was trying to trust someone and not give them herpes in the way my ex gave it to me (without knowing). But my openness and trust were betrayed.”

Dianne said that her friendships became very strained and she found it difficult to socialise in the village. She is still in the same location but adds that things have eased a bit with the passing of time.

“I think rural life is difficult at the best of times, but this situation hasn’t been easy. If I meet someone through this website I would be more than happy to move.

“The trust issue is a difficult one for me, but I do want to be able to move forward with my life.”

Dianne began looking for a herpes dating website and joined in the hopes of finding a future partner.

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