Man gets HIV after working on HIV project

A 25-year-old man became HIV positive while working on an HIV project in Africa.

Darren (not his real name) went on the volunteer project a few years ago. It was designed to help and support people with HIV.

“On my last night abroad I had a farewell party and got pretty drunk and slept with a woman who had AIDS,” he explained.  “When I got back to the UK I discovered I was HIV positive.”

Darren said at first he was devastated and his family was too.  “My parents have been supportive but of course they are concerned about how it will affect me and my life.”

In particular they have been concerned about Darren’s privacy and his career prospects.  “They feel that talking about this publicly could badly affect my life, and so I’ve decided not to do any interviews with the media, but am happy to share my story on this blog.”

Darren looked for an HIV dating website and joined www.datepositive.netin the hope of finding love and a soulmate. “I don’t want to let this get to me or stop me from being happy in life,” he explained. “I am optimistic that I will meet someone on the site.”

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