Rates of HIV increasing in baby boom generation

Ageing Baby Boomers are taking more risks when it comes to sex and are less likely to use protection, according to experts.

According to freedomhealth.co.uk and specialists in the south-east of England, people over 50 are increasingly at risk of HIV. People 50 and older may be entering the dating game again, looking for long term partners or some romance.

Along with that, they are enjoying a renewed period of sexual activity, but they are failing to take precautions.

There has been a surge in cases within that age group, international Aids conference has reported. The surge has sparked a call for a campaign to highlight the dangers of unprotected sex. Doctors at the conference in Rome said many over-50s emerging from long-term relationships had little experience of contraception.

Professor Jane Anderson, from Homerton Hospital, North East London, said: “The number of cases in the older age group are going up significantly.”

Prof Anderson, who has started a programme to support women with HIV, said: “The phenomenon in the over-50s is because of cultural changes – 70 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 30.

“They are living full lives and experiencing partner changes. They have not had to think about condoms and contraception because they were married or in long-term relationships before. They don’t consider the risk and therefore we are seeing more becoming infected.”

The conference heard Britain had the second highest rate of female infection in Europe in all age groups. The number of women with HIV is increasing and 32% of cases in Britain are now female, with at least 27,000 with HIV.

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