Woman harassed after revealing HIV status, she tells datepositive.net

A woman who told her line manager she was HIV positive said she was harassed at work and pressured not to take time off for medical appointments.

Annette (not her real name) revealed her status because she hoped that by being honest and open she would receive support and understanding. But her manager was difficult and said that time off for appointments would be limited.

Other members of staff at the same company complained that Annette was receiving preferencial treatment by insisting that she attend a number of appointments in close succession.

Eventually Annette went to the senior management at the call centre and asked for support, which was forthcoming.

“I am glad I spoke to a senior manager because the situation was becoming really difficult. People were making comments and complaining. It became quite negative,” she said.

Since talking to a senior manager things have improved and her work environment is more positive.

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