Finding love in the digital world

A new research study published by Scientific American discovers some of the best ways to have success with online dating.

The article, a synopsis of which can be read here, points out that people who have success with online dating realise that it’s important to move from the dating website to the real world fairly quickly.  They take advantage of opportunities to communicate and move from like, message to meeting fairly quickly.

The successful ones also widen their search, and don’t focus too heavily on who might they might find most attractive.  In other words, they take chances and make contact with people who might meet their search criteria, as well as those who definitely meet their search criteria.

We agree with these findings and believe it is important to be realistic about what a dating website can do for you.  Internet dating can too often lead people to focus on instant gratification and instant success. In reality, the people who have success are those who take their search for true love off the internet and into the real world. When you meet, you can use your intuition to decide if someone is right for you.

We’ll be exploring this new article and its findings in the coming weeks, so come back to our blog to read more and discover how you can put their tips to your use to have success in your quest for HIV dating or herpes dating.

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