Online dating profile tips

Dating sites have been around for a long time now. Yet it is surprising that so many people use them but don’t make the best of the service.

Why waste time in joining if you are not going to give it a decent shot? Here are a few pointers on how to make the best of online dating and give yourself a reasonable chance at success.

Post a photo. I know lots of people don’t want to upload a photo on But it IS safe and secure. A photo makes your profile stand out. Or even just the knowledge that you have uploaded photo makes a difference.

You may feel or believe that you are not attractive.  But I think that everyone has something about them that is attractive, and it is not hard these days to produce a flattering photo.  Make sure you upload a photo that is a good head and shoulders shot of you (not your dog or your cat, or your child).  And smile in the picture. There is nothing better than a warm, friendly face to attract someone who is searching through profiles.

Do the best you can with your profile. There are many articles online about how to write an online dating profile that shows warmth and confidence without being too self-centred.

Stay away from negative phrases such as “No time-wasters” or “No users”.  That kind of statement can put off nice people because it comes across as harsh. If you are making those kind of statements chances are that you have experienced time wasters and users in the past. So you’ll know what to look out for.  Don’t be afraid to use your intuition and that way you will detect this kind of person fairly quickly, without having to issue sharp statements in your profile.

Use the personality likes and dislikes section to give more information about yourself. That way you will have a better chance at meeting a good match.

Reach out to people – send emails and winks.  Send thank you notes to people who message you if you are not interested.  Don’t send the same email to dozens of people throughout the site. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they have received an email that has also gone to thousands of other members. It’s off-putting and makes it look like you don’t really care.

Instead, send individual messages that acknowledge points in the person’s profile, and say what has drawn you to the profile. Focus on quality of messages, not how many you can copy, paste and send in 30 minutes!

Your next date or girlfriend/boyfriend may not be on the doorstep. Make an effort to go the distance. Widen your search and if you do connect with someone who is some distance away, meet halfway to share transport costs.

Like anything in life, if you invest time in, the results will be worthwhile.

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