Writing a profile headline

What grabs your attention when you look at profiles on a dating website?

First it is the photo, and then the profile headline. Most people look at the pic, read the headline and then make a decision weather or not to read further.

So writing a good headline is really important. Other members will read it, and react to it. And of course you want their reaction to be a positive one.

In fact, you’ve probably only got a few seconds or so to make a good impression with your headline and draw members in (or push them away).

So consider these headlines: Still looking; Lonely guy; Good in bed; Read this; Hello.

They are uninspiring and some are quite negative. If someone is still looking, what’s wrong with them, or why are they having bad luck finding a date? And while we all know that people feel lonely now and then, advertising that fact to your potential dates isn’t going to win any votes.

Stay away too from anything that could be potentially offensive, such as questionable humour, a focus on sex or body parts, or demands. These headlines simply put people off and the questionable ones will likely be flagged up by the site administrators anyway.

Don’t sound desperate. Headlines like Pick me, or Please read my profile just put people off.

You need to catchy, bright, and honest. Think about what you wrote in your profile and how you worked to capture your strengths and positive qualities into a few sentences (see the articles in the section labeled Profile advice). Your headline needs to do this further in just a few short words.

Next: examples of good headlines and what a headline can say to a reader in just a few words.

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