members identify scammer members recently flagged up a scammer who has attempted to scam many dating sites, not just

Members contacted us reporting that a member with the username of Brucediary was attempting to scam members.

One member actually researched this person and said that he appears genuine in his profile until you receive messages. Brucediary claimed that he was in England but is in Nigeria.

I took a look at his profile and like our members saw that it was well-written and interesting. So no-one could have detected that he was a scammer before actually receiving mails from him.

One of our members checked brucediary’s email address ( on Google and found that he was listed as a scammer on a number of websites.

As far as I know no one fell victim to this scammer, and thanks to our members who are becoming more and more vigilant when it comes to spotting scammers.

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