Helping to Heal the wounds of mistrust and betrayal; issues surrounding HIV, Herpes and other STDs.

The emotional impact of discovering that you have herpes or HIV can, for some people, outweigh the physical health issues one has to deal with.

Many people have found out that they have herpes from a partner or former partner who has not been open about their health condition, and the sense of betrayal can be profound and even damaging.

This hiv dating and herpes dating site has collected stories of site members and used them (with permission and anonymously) with the media. This work has helped break the stigma attached to having and STD. It has also given people an outlet to express their feelings.

One woman told the site that her boyfriend gave her herpes and she was left devastated by the experience and found it hard to trust people.  She said that herpes dating site Datepositive gave her a sense of hope about her future and new opportunities to meet people.

A woman who is HIV positive revealed her status to her work manager due to the need for doctor’s appointments, but then found herself being harassed for taking time off work. A man living in Scotland almost became destitute after becoming HIV positive. He became too ill to work and admitted to selling drugs in a desperate attempt to support himself.

To help deal with these issues, Datepositive has secured a fully qualified counsellor, Frankie Hall, to provide support to members. Questions can be sent to Frankie without revealing a name, and the questions and answers are posted on the website blog. A fully qualified sexual health specialist, Dr. Laurence Gerlis, provides answers to questions about health conditions.

One woman said that life became intolerable after she got herpes, and the opportunity to email site members and seek support from a counsellor made all the difference.  You can read some of the member stories at

Is it safe to meet people using online dating sites?

Q. What is you view of online dating?  I have not done this before and am concerned about people on the site.  It is hard for me to meet new people in my work and this seems like a good idea.

But reading a description and not knowing someone leads me to be uncertain.

Do you think there are things a person can do to improve chances of meeting? - A Datepositive member.

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Learning how to trust again after discovering your boyfriend gave you herpes

Q. Hi, I’ve just joined this site and discovered that I have a real issue with trust.

My ex partner gave me herpes and I had no idea he had it.  He said he did not know and must have been asymptomatic but I am not sure I believe him.  Everyone on this site obviously has some kind of STD but I realise this has affected my ability to trust people, especially men.

What can I do to help regain trust again if I want to have a relationship?  I feel stuck and don’t know if I can move forward. - A member Continue reading

Parents reject me because of HIV; ask the Counsellor

Q. My parents are very cold to me since I told them I was HIV positive. They said I was irresponsible and let them down.

I am successful in every aspect of my life but do not have a partner. Their rejection has hurt but as they get older I realise I need to sort out this situation and at least visit them sometimes. I am also very lonely and would like to talk to them occasionally. - A Datepositive member.

A. Congratulations on being successful in every aspect of your life. Not many of us can say that.

However, I note that you are very lonely, you do not have a partner and you would like to talk sometimes with your parents who are very cold to you since you told them you were hiv positive.  You say you need to visit them sometimes, so maybe that could be a good starting point.

Your parents sound meaningful to you.  Perhaps you could tell them this and say that life for you could be so much better with their support and you would very much value this from them.  Give them time.  If you still feel rejection from them, still believe in yourself and remember your achievements and respect yourself for the person you are.

There are many other sufferers of hiv out there, many good loving and true people.  Look on the online (as you are now).  Focus on what is right for you and go for it. - Frankie Hall, MBACP, DipCouns., DipEd.

Online dating advice: Help, this guy does not want to meet.

I have messaged and texted a guy on this site. He writes a lot about himself and tells me all kinds things you would only tell someone really close to you, but he doesn’t want to talk on the phone.

He says he really likes me and loves our messages and has even talked about us doing stuff together in the future. What should I do? I don’t want to stop messaging. - A Datepositive member.

A. You haven’t mentioned your age so I will assume you are youngish.  You say you don’t want to stop messaging a man who doesn’t want to talk on the phone but who talks about “us doing stuff together”.  Continue reading