Add a photo – even on a herpes dating or hiv dating website

This is a subject we have written about a lot in the past, but we think it is never something that’s written about enough.

We really, really want to encourage members to add a photo to their profile.

It makes a massive difference if you are serious about online dating.  Adding a photo to your profile will significantly increase the amount of success you can have with hiv dating or herpes dating at

We know that people are very concerned about privacy, and hiv dating and herpes dating are very sensitive things. Privacy is the most important element and the normal behaviour on, for example, Facebook or any other social media site, does not exist at  We know that 99% of our members are concerned about their privacy and rate it as their number one priority.

We have a solution. You can keep your photo private by choosing the correct site settings, and you do not have to reveal you photo to anyone until you have selected them as your favourite.

You may ask What difference does it make if people can’t see my photo if it is private.  It does make a difference.  It gives out a message that you take your membership on seriously and are committed to finding someone who is a friend, activity partner, a relationship, or what ever you are looking for.

That signal of commitment is the most important message you can give, it tells people that you will mostly likely get back to them, respond to their first contact, send a note, be interested.

If you’ve joined this STD dating website be sure to make the best use of it and create success for yourself.  Adding a photo is one big way of doing this.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are unsure about how to use the privacy settings, please get in touch (see the contact link, top menu) and we will be happy to help.