Please watch out for dating website scams and scammers

Online dating can be a great thing if it is used properly by the members of any site. If you fill out a profile, ad a photo and make contact with people your chances of having success and meeting someone are really good. You could find success and happiness.

But not everyone uses dating websites the same way. Some people – a small number – will use online dating to simply get money from others.  A lot of the scams originate in parts of Africa and Eastern Europe.

These people will join a dating website and set up a profile that looks real, but it is a mask for manipulation and fraud. This small number of people will make contact with lots of people and, more often than not, they will send lots of emails and pursue people who they think could be vulnerable or manipulated.  Their goal is to get money from you, and they will be ruthless in their approach.

This minority will be manipulative and appear genuine. They will tell you any kind of desperate and deeply sad story to make you feel sorry for them and want to help.

Please make sure you never, ever under any circumstances send money to someone you communicate with via or any other dating website.

You should immediately end communication with that person, and report them to us. Be sure to send us their username to

Thanks in advance for helping keep a safe and successful dating website.