Photo privacy options on

Want to massively increase your chance of success at Then upload a photo, or a gallery.

We know some of you have concerns about privacy with STD dating websites, which is why we have a privacy option for photos.

You can choose to keep your image private until you are ready to show it to someone.

To keep your photos private, select the privacy check box when you uploade an image. By checking this box you successfully prevent others from seeing your images in either searches or profile views.

If you select the privacy option and then want to share your photo with a member, please follow these instructions:
1. Add them as a favourite AND
2. Go into your Favourites List and tick the private check box.

When you have completed the above two steps, people in your Favourites list will be able to see your photos.

If you have no concerns about privacy of images and want all members to see your photo, simply upload your images and save them (and ignore the privacy check boxes).

So don’t worry when it comes to adding a photo to – YOU are in complete control and YOU choose who sees your picture and when.

Finally, unlike Facebook and other dating websites, you do not have to worry about any of the content on being scraped by search engines. The site and all its contents are secure and invisible from search engines.

If you have any questions about these topics, please get in touch.