Purpose of a herpes dating website – getting support

In our last post about herpes dating and the purpose of a herpes dating website, we spoke about the need for a herpes dating website because it is very difficult for people with herpes to find a new partner.

The difficulty lies around the fact that often people will reveal that they have herpes to someone and discover that they are rejected, and their new date is not interested. So a herpes dating website deals effectively with that issue by removing the need to have that kind of conversation.

A herpes dating website takes away the need for that kind of conversation. You make your status clear as soon as you join, and do away with the difficulty, discomfort and potential rejection that “that” conversation can lead to.

But another reason for a herpes dating website UK is the issue of support – emotional support for people with herpes. You will find many like-minded who have struggled emotionally and felt down after discovering they have herpes. Some people have blamed themselves and been really hard on themselves, unnecessarily.

At a website like datepositive.net can offer a huge amount of comfort if you are feeling down and are looking for support.  You can find this by connecting with people who have had similar experiences and who understand where you are at. You can receive empathy and understanding at a crucial time in your life when you really need it.

We also have a counsellor section and if you are struggling you can send in a question to info@datepositive.net and we will happily get counsellor Frankie Hall to answer it.  This is the place to turn to for herpes advice UK, and we are here to help.