It is a big deal joining an HIV dating website

I received an email this week from someone who has just joined

He was asking questions about the site and how various things worked, and happened to comment that it is a big deal joining an hiv dating site and that it can take time to get the courage up to join the site.

Sometimes it may seem like we forget how difficult it is for people who are HIV-positive or who have herpes to take the next step and join the website.

But for the most part we do realise that it is a big step to join a website like this and in fact that’s why we’ve put safeguards in place to make it easy for people to take that step. In other words we here to help hold your hand and make this place feel like a safe and secure community you.

If you have any kind of issues about this HIV dating or herpes dating website we want you to let us know. We got privacy for two options in place and we strive to provide the best possible customer service. You can contact us at any time if you have concerns.

So yes it is a big deal joining this website. But take the step; it will be well worth it.

New pricing structures and offer changes at

There have been lots of changes at over the last few days.

The women free offer, which we had in place for over a year, finally came to an end on Oct. 20.  We were able to upgrade about 30 women members of the site in the final days of the offer.

We ended it partly because the offer had met its purpose of balancing out the male – female ratio of members on, the UK’s largest HIV dating and herpes dating website.

Also, at the same time, we were aware though that they offer was attracting more and more spammers.  It was unfortunate, and the situation threatened the site quite a bit.  A lot of members were helpful and reported the spammers to us.

Now that the women free offer is over, we believe the site will be much better without the spammers!

We have also introduced a new fee structure, offering membership from just £3.99 a month.  This is amazingly low and keeps us as one of the lowest cost hiv dating and herpes dating websites in the UK.  You can also buy three months Premium for just £8.99.

We will have more developments and offers in coming weeks, so check back to the blog for more details, or check the homepage of the website.

Women free offer ends, but new lower pricing structure unveiled

The long-standing women free offer at will end on Saturday, Oct. 20.

If you are not a Premium member contact us before Saturday afternoon for a free upgrade.

We are ending the women free offer because it has done its job of balancing out the difference in numbers between men and women on the site, and we now have a better ratio of men and women.

As well, unfortunately the women free offer regularly attracts spammers, which are not good for the site and spoil the experience of other members.

So contact us before Saturday for a free upgrade.

After Saturday we will introduce a lower pricing structure that will continue to make affordable for everyone.

We aim to be the best hiv dating and herpes dating site in the UK.

New lower pricing structure for

The success of the recent 2.99 sale has led us to introduce new, lower prices at permanently.

The prices reflect the current economic conditions. The new prices make it possible for everyone to afford to be able to upgrade to Premium.

Upgrade today and start messaging and connecting with people!

They are:

One month – 3.99

Three months – 8.99

Six months – 15.99

Twelve months – 25.99.

We think you’ll be happy with the change and we look forward to you upgrading soon and enjoying the site’s Premium features.

We aim to make the leading and most accessible hiv dating and herpes dating website, and hope these changes are a move in the right direction for the site and its members.

Autumn sale produces more upgrades

Datepositive is the largest HIV Dating and Herpes Dating site in the UK. We aim to offer value to our members by holding sales and special offers.

We have just completed an Autumn 2012 sale.  It has produced 20 new Premium members, so thanks to everyone for upgrading  Thanks also for supporting the site.

The new Premium members mean that more people are able to chat on the site and use the site’s features, such as messaging and IM.

Look for more sales in the future.