We are into good profiles – why they matter to you and the website

At datepositive.net we are into good profiles in a big way.

This is because good profiles make or break a dating site.

A good profile adds to the quality of a dating website and they can really make a difference on an HIV dating or herpes dating site.  It can be hard enough to meet people, and having an STD makes it harder.

So if you make an effort and write a half-decent profile, just describing what you are like and what you enjoy it does two things.  One, and most importantly, this profile will massively increase your chances of having success at datepositve.net.

Number two, good profiles maintain the quality of this, the largest UK STD dating site.  People join, have a look around and think “I like what I see here. It’s probably worth sticking around.”

If you make a bit of an effort, it encourages others to make a bit of an effort.  People who use the site end up having better chances of success. It becomes a win-win situation.

That’s what we want at this hiv dating and herpes dating website – winners and success all around.

So, sadly, If you fill your profile box with random characters or write something like “Just looking around”, we’re sorry, but your profile will be returned to you for a rewrite and after one week, removed from the site.

We don’t want to sound harsh, and we are here to help.  We have a whole section on the blog on dating website profile writing and we are also always here to help you with your profile at info@datepositive.net

Add a photo – even on a herpes dating or hiv dating website

This is a subject we have written about a lot in the past, but we think it is never something that’s written about enough.

We really, really want to encourage datepositive.net members to add a photo to their profile.

It makes a massive difference if you are serious about online dating.  Adding a photo to your profile will significantly increase the amount of success you can have with hiv dating or herpes dating at datepositive.net.

We know that people are very concerned about privacy, and hiv dating and herpes dating are very sensitive things. Privacy is the most important element and the normal behaviour on, for example, Facebook or any other social media site, does not exist at datepositive.net.  We know that 99% of our members are concerned about their privacy and rate it as their number one priority.

We have a solution. You can keep your photo private by choosing the correct site settings, and you do not have to reveal you photo to anyone until you have selected them as your favourite.

You may ask What difference does it make if people can’t see my photo if it is private.  It does make a difference.  It gives out a message that you take your membership on datepositive.net seriously and are committed to finding someone who is a friend, activity partner, a relationship, or what ever you are looking for.

That signal of commitment is the most important message you can give, it tells people that you will mostly likely get back to them, respond to their first contact, send a note, be interested.

If you’ve joined this STD dating website be sure to make the best use of it and create success for yourself.  Adding a photo is one big way of doing this.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are unsure about how to use the privacy settings, please get in touch (see the contact link, top menu) and we will be happy to help.

Find it hard to say hello on IM? Some ideas to get the conversation going

Some time ago we suggested that Wednesday and Thursday evenings should be IM nights on datepositive.net.

The idea is to try to get as many people on the site after 7pm on those evenings. If we make this a time for IM and more people log on, the chances of successfully connecting with someone on this hiv dating and herpes dating website are much greater.

A few people have emailed and said it is really hard to just to strike up a conversation with a stranger. We realise that, and so to make it easier here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a risk. That’s what online dating is all about. You have to be able to put yourself out there and make people favourites, send messages, and try to chat. If you don’t get a reply, don’t feel badly, try a new person.

2. Be Polite. You might not be attracted or feel drawn to the person who’s making contact for the first time, but put yourself in their shoes. It’s not easy. So just take a few seconds to say hi. You never know, you might be in for a pleasant surprise :)

3. Asking a couple of questions is a great way of breaking the ice. Ask someone about their job or how their day has been. These are good ways to get the conversation going.

4. If you come on to IM one night and don’t connect with anyone or hit if off in a good way, don’t worry and don’t be put off. Come back and try again. Stay focused and be positive and you will find what you are looking for.

5. Be respectful. If someone says they don’t want to chat, be accepting and see if someone else is available.

We wish you all the best with IM and the whole site. Be daring, get out there and make contact, and make connections happen!

Would you use SMS to pay for upgrade fee?

We are exploring the possibility of adding a new SMS payment system to datepositive.net.

The new system would let members upgrade via SMS.

Before proceeding, we’d like to know if people like the idea and if they think they would pay an upgrade to Premium fee with their mobile phone.

Please tell us if you think you would use this kind of system.

The existing payment systems of Paypal and Nochex will remain in place, so you will always be able to use them.

Photo privacy options on Datepositive.net

Want to massively increase your chance of success at Datepositive.net? Then upload a photo, or a gallery.

We know some of you have concerns about privacy with STD dating websites, which is why we have a privacy option for photos.

You can choose to keep your image private until you are ready to show it to someone.

To keep your photos private, select the privacy check box when you uploade an image. By checking this box you successfully prevent others from seeing your images in either searches or profile views.

If you select the privacy option and then want to share your photo with a member, please follow these instructions:
1. Add them as a favourite AND
2. Go into your Favourites List and tick the private check box.

When you have completed the above two steps, people in your Favourites list will be able to see your photos.

If you have no concerns about privacy of images and want all members to see your photo, simply upload your images and save them (and ignore the privacy check boxes).

So don’t worry when it comes to adding a photo to Datepositive.net – YOU are in complete control and YOU choose who sees your picture and when.

Finally, unlike Facebook and other dating websites, you do not have to worry about any of the content on datepositive.net being scraped by search engines. The site and all its contents are secure and invisible from search engines.

If you have any questions about these topics, please get in touch.