Met a guy on DatePositive STD online dating. No fakes on your site.

We received a lovely email a few weeks ago from a woman who has been using the site for about a month or so.

She has met a guy and is now dating him and emailed us to ask if we would deactivate her profile while she sees if the new relationship works out.

It’s great to receive emails like this. Continue reading couple married

A couple who met on were married recently and plan to honeymoon in Cape Town later in the year.

They contacted, explaining that they would like to remove their profiles because they had met through the site and are now married.

The member wrote: “I am glad to tell you that I met someone who I am married to now.  Thanks for the site. It gave me this wonderful woman who has brought joy into my life. Continue reading

Man gets HIV after working on HIV project

A 25-year-old man became HIV positive while working on an HIV project in Africa.

Darren (not his real name) went on the volunteer project a few years ago. It was designed to help and support people with HIV.

“On my last night abroad I had a farewell party and got pretty drunk and slept with a woman who had AIDS,” he explained.  “When I got back to the UK I discovered I was HIV positive.” Continue reading

Woman harassed after revealing HIV status, she tells

A woman who told her line manager she was HIV positive said she was harassed at work and pressured not to take time off for medical appointments.

Annette (not her real name) revealed her status because she hoped that by being honest and open she would receive support and understanding. But her manager was difficult and said that time off for appointments would be limited.

Other members of staff at the same company complained that Annette was receiving preferencial treatment by insisting that she attend a number of appointments in close succession. Continue reading

Life became intolerable after I got herpes – member tells

A woman who lived in a Cumbrian village said her life became intolerable after she got herpes.

She said that she dated a guy in the village but as soon as she told him she had herpes, he not only broke up with her but gossiped about her in the village pub.

Dianne (not her real name), said: “It was a nightmare experience for me and one that really set me back. Continue reading