Online dating profile advice: good profile headline examples

Yesterday I wrote about the kinds of profile headlines that probably shouldn’t be used.I asked you to think about describing yourself in a sentence and from that coming up with catchy headline.It sounds harder than it really is. Once you start writing down your thoughts, ideas will come to you. Your probably won’t like the first few ideas you come up with (but maybe you will)! However, after a few lines you’ll be pretty close to what you are looking for.

Here are some examples of good headlines:

Smiles! Lots of them – this says so much about the member. It tells you that they are happy and enjoy life and happiness is important to them.

Skeptical, but intrigued – it’s pretty clear this person isn’t too sure about Internet dating. But they are putting themselves out there and will give it a chance. This is someone who is open to trying new things in life.

Up for recycling – this is cute and funny. It shows that the member is into being Green, and also that she/he has had relationships before but is ready to try again.

It’s more fun together – a basic thing that we sometimes forget; life IS more fun when the company feels just right. This person wants to explore life with a companion.

Friendly, fun, spontaneous and happy – straightforward and it works too because it says so much.

Leaps small buildings in a single bound – a pretty energetic and possibly ambitious person. This headline reveals a great deal about the person’s outlook on life.

Next time I will write about how to take different approaches to profile headline writing.

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Putting the finishing touches on your profile

If you’ve read this far you’ll realise that putting together a good profile for a dating website can mean the difference between receiving messages and being ignored.

You should now have substance of your profile – your best qualities. You’ve written them in an interesting and engaging way, as outlined in yesterday’s post.

Now you need to put your profile together. Think of it like a mini story. It needs a beginning, middle and end. Introduce yourself. This doesn’t mean give your name. It means offering an interesting opening line. For example: “Energetic hiker and movie buff looks forward to the future and a new partner”. Continue reading