Why you should add a photo to your online dating website profile

In December last year I wrote about the importance of adding a photo to your profile.

Online dating is now mainstream and an accepted way of meeting people. So it can be a wasted effort to create a profile (even a well-written one) without at least one photo.

Even if you say you’ll add a photo in a few days, most members won’t hang around. A few will be patient, but generally speaking what you look like is something you should reveal immediately, or just few days after you’ve joined. Continue reading

Online dating photo advice: a photo really does help your chances of success

There’s no doubt that in the world of online dating adding a photo to your profile is a must.

It’s accepted that that profiles with a photo are much more likely to receive more messages from other daters than those without a photo.

Members may think that profiles without photos are not be real. Or they may think they have been posted by people who feel uncomfortable using a dating website. The days of online dating being viewed as a place for misfits or those unlucky in love are long gone. And so if you post without an image, it’s likely that you’ll be viewed as someone who’s not serious about online dating. The result is that you won’t receive many (if any) messages from other users. Continue reading