Online dating scams and scammers; how to spot them and report them

This blog is going to publish a series of articles to help members (and anyone who uses a dating website) spot scams and fake members.

The series will address a number of things such as types of scams to look for, the techniques scammers use, and the typical language and style of their messages. The first article will appear tomorrow.

We hope that by having more information like this members of our site will be better able to spot a scam or fake message.

Date Positive takes scammers and scams very seriously and we do our best to spot scams, remove them from the site and report them to the police if necessary.

Every profile submitted is individually checked by a human being, person, and we respond quickly to member complaints.

If you think you have received a message from a scammer, the first thing to do is stop writing to them and contact site administration and provide us with the potential scammer’s username and contents of the message.

Remember, never, ever send money to someone you do not know via the internet.  Date Positive cannot be responsible for your actions if you do respond to a scammer.

If there is anything else you would like us to talk about in this series, let us know at

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