members identify scammer members recently flagged up a scammer who has attempted to scam many dating sites, not just

Members contacted us reporting that a member with the username of Brucediary was attempting to scam members.

One member actually researched this person and said that he appears genuine in his profile until you receive messages. Brucediary claimed that he was in England but is in Nigeria. Continue reading

Online dating scams: use of language a strong clue

The most obvious thing about scammers is the type of language they use in their messages.

Quite often the start off with “Hello Dear”, or they use words of love, affection and familiarity that a non-scammer would not use when making contact with another member for the first time.

Their use of English is usually quite poor and this is because often the scammers are from Africa (and in particular Nigeria) and Russia and former Soviet states.

The tone is too friendly and familiar and sometimes there is an immediate expression of love within the first few messages.  As most of us know, love takes time to grow.  Even if you believe in love at first sight, you have to meet the person first!  But scammers are in a hurry and want to push the contact and connection, regardless of what you want.  This is because they want to accomplish their goal of ripping you off and then disappearing as quickly as possible.

More on scammers to follow soon.

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