Free Premium for these profiles . . .‏

Every few months or so we give free upgrades/extra Premium time to what we think are some of the best profiles on is the UK’s first ever STD dating site, established in 2006. We are the UK’s best HIV dating and Herpes dating website.

For September, these are the winners. They have been awarded extra Premium time or a free upgrade: Sebastian; Bli55; Telly; Pete25; Nouvelle2011; and Namaste.

The idea with this promotion is to encourage really good profiles on the site and make it more interesting and get more interaction from members.

A survey we did revealed that a lot of people find incomplete profiles, or profiles with hardly any information off-putting. We believe that if we maintain the quality of the profiles at we will have a better website and a better experience for users.

So, if you are a member, write a good profile and you could be our next winner!

Thanks, and enjoy