Finding love in the digital world

A new research study published by Scientific American discovers some of the best ways to have success with online dating.

The article, a synopsis of which can be read here, points out that people who have success with online dating realise that it’s important to move from the dating website to the real world fairly quickly.  They take advantage of opportunities to communicate and move from like, message to meeting fairly quickly.

The successful ones also widen their search, and don’t focus too heavily on who might they might find most attractive.  In other words, they take chances and make contact with people who might meet their search criteria, as well as those who definitely meet their search criteria.

We agree with these findings and believe it is important to be realistic about what a dating website can do for you.  Internet dating can too often lead people to focus on instant gratification and instant success. In reality, the people who have success are those who take their search for true love off the internet and into the real world. When you meet, you can use your intuition to decide if someone is right for you.

We’ll be exploring this new article and its findings in the coming weeks, so come back to our blog to read more and discover how you can put their tips to your use to have success in your quest for HIV dating or herpes dating.

Great reasons for using online dating sites

Dating websites give you a lot of help with what can be a difficult venture. You might be aware of what kind of person you are looking for, but it can still be really hard to find that person.

Today, online dating websites massively improve your chances of finding someone special. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as confidentiality, the number of singles on a site, etc.

You need to think of a dating website such as as match-making on a much higher level. And you need to take advantage of this higher level. It’s not like going out to a bar, or a party and just hoping to meet up with someone.

With online std dating such as UK hiv dating site, the search for the right person is that bit easier because people are also looking for you! There are many singles who are in your region who want to meet someone too.  That’s what the site is for, unlike a bar or a club.  You get to post a what is hopefully a great profile about yourself and that allows the other members on the site to find you based on what you have posted.

This is why it is so important to take advantage of the opportunity to post a really good profile, you want to attract people and show that you are serious about using the website.

Websites remove the some of (but not all) the disappointment and pain that comes with all most all other types of dating. Although you may find that some people don’t answer your emails sometimes, you can just forget about them.  The reality is that you don’t have to try at a relationship and then be rejected. Instead, you are able to go through the internet to find someone special, allowing you to avoid the rejection that is so common within the physical dating world.

Online dating means that you can get to know someone before you meet. You can get a sense of a person through emails and phone calls – and we always recommend speaking on the phone before meeting.  Let’s face it, you must have had a blind date and then discovered that it is just not right for you. A dating website mans you are able to get to know more about the other person before going on a date.

A dating site like means that you can discover is if someone is interested in you even before you send a message.  By sending a flirt or adding someone to your favourites, you can see if they respond. This take away the sense of risk involved in talking to a complete strange at a bar or a party. It makes contacting people feel easier.

While there has been a lot of discussion around dating website membership fees in the past, the truth is that most dating websites – and especially – is much less expensive than actually dating and this means less financial risk for you.  The truth is that makes dating a cost-efficient way to meet new people.

Confidentiality is an important benefit of online dating as well. You are giving out personal information about yourself, but the website protects you and that’s why its internal messaging system is there for you. You don’t have to risk giving out details that could lead to any further annoyance, such as giving out your address or personal phone number. Instead you can feel confident that all your most important information is kept safe and that no one finds out any close information about you.

Dating online is probably the most convenient and safest method of dating today. It gives you a help when it is needed most, and lets you fit your dating and search into your lifestyle and your schedule.

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Online dating sites vs dating on social networking

I am always reading, particularly about online trends, new applications, and new software. It is necessary when you are involved with a site like

It is also addictive. A habit that is hard to reduce, probably because you think you might miss something.

In particular I have followed the online dating v social networking discussion that has been around for three or four years. When this debate first began online the direction wasn’t clear.

However, lots of writers predicted that social networking sites would over-shadow the online dating industry. And it was easy to see how the massive rise of sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter could somehow produce an alternative to traditional dating sites.

After all, online dating is truly an institution in the world of the web. Sites like and are close to a decade old now, existing from the web 1.0 age.

And yet, they have shown staying power. Site owners who are willing to change and adapt can exist and grow.

No-one can predict the future, but I think that online dating sites will exist for many years to come.  If the sites are able to meet specific needs, work in niche markets and respond to what people are looking for then users will be happy to pay a reasonable membership fee.

I also think that privacy issues will continue to affect sites like Facebook in the future. People will continue to tighten control on who sees their profile information and who they communicate with. Dating sites that respect members’ privacy and maintain site security are better positioned to deal with privacy concerns.

So the outcome is far from certain, despite the length of time the discussion has continued. For our site we know that there is a need and we experience steady growth. Our challenge is to build on this growth and plan for the future.