Writing a profile headline

What grabs your attention when you look at profiles on a dating website?

First it is the photo, and then the profile headline. Most people look at the pic, read the headline and then make a decision weather or not to read further.

So writing a good headline is really important. Other members will read it, and react to it. And of course you want their reaction to be a positive one. Continue reading

Putting the finishing touches on your profile

If you’ve read this far you’ll realise that putting together a good profile for a dating website can mean the difference between receiving messages and being ignored.

You should now have substance of your profile – your best qualities. You’ve written them in an interesting and engaging way, as outlined in yesterday’s post.

Now you need to put your profile together. Think of it like a mini story. It needs a beginning, middle and end. Introduce yourself. This doesn’t mean give your name. It means offering an interesting opening line. For example: “Energetic hiker and movie buff looks forward to the future and a new partner”. Continue reading

Online dating advice: writing that winning profile.

A successful dating website profile has to be honest. And I’m not talking about brutally honest. But you’ve got to be able to give a positive, interesting and colourful sense of who you are.

Remember, there are thousands of people competing with you for the person you want hope to meet. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Your objective is not just to be added to someone’s favourites list – you want that person to write to you.

Before you write your advert, think about what’s important to you and who you’d like to meet. What makes you a special person, someone worth getting to know?What do you have to offer another person, and what are you looking for in a date or partner?
Continue reading

Online dating profile advice: how to write an online dating profile

There are thousands of website and magazine features telling you how to write a stand-out profile for a dating website.

Trouble is, how do you know which advice works and which doesn’t? You don’t – at least until you try it. So you can end up investing lots of time reading pieces of advice and writing and rewriting your profile to suit what’s being recommended, often without success. In the end this approach can be a huge waste of time.

When I look at these advice columns I see very few written by people who’ve actually tried online dating, let alone managed a dating website. They seem to be produced by people selling profile writing as a service, or bloggers and journalists who have a features slot to fill. Continue reading

The online dating resolution

Our dating website www.datepositive.net has had an increase in activity in the last few weeks. I suspect lots of the people who’ve joined have made a New Year’s resolution to improve their love lives.

If that’s the case and you want to be assured of a date before Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to increase your chances at online dating. The advice is drawn from our 16 months or so at managing an online dating website.

Some of the points are really basic, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t follow them. I hope the suggestions help, regardless of which site you might belong to. Continue reading