Purpose of an online Herpes dating site

People often ask the question “Is there a need for a herpes dating website?”

Without doubt the answer is “Yes”. Many people get a sexually transmitted disease, and for some of those people a visit to a doctor or a clinic and a course of antibiotics is the solution.

But for others there is no quick solution. When you find out that you have herpes it is something that you will live with for the rest of your life, even if in your particular case it is asymptomatic or the symptoms are infrequent.

This situation means that if you are responsible person you have to sit down and think very carefully about your current or future sexual partners. However, this is where most people with herpes encounter a problem. They realise that if they are very honest with their future sexual partners they risk being rejected. But if they are dishonest and get involved with someone and then suddenly announced that they have herpes they risk inflicting an enormous surprise or potential shock on their future partner and gain, rejection.

People in this kind of situation often talk about having “that” conversation. The word “that” is referring to the type of conversation people with herpes after have when they must sit down and tell the person they are dating that they do have herpes. “That” conversation is the dreaded conversation and a conversation that nobody likes to have.

So what do you do when you discover that you have herpes and you know in your heart that you are decent and honest person and you don’t want to have sex with someone and risk giving that person herpes?

There is a solution. Today, you can turn to the Internet. There is herpes dating. And there are herpes dating websites. Herpes dating websites are really varied and cater to all kinds of people. The only thing that they have in common is that everybody on the website has herpes. And this is a good thing. Because finally you as an individual don’t have to have that conversation, the conversation that is dreaded, the conversation that anyone with herpes doesn’t want to have.

So if you’ve recently discovered that you have herpes, or have had herpes for a while and feel like you are ready to meet new friends or want to date or begin a relationship, you don’t have to worry about having “that” conversation.

Sites like www.datepositive.net exist to make it as easy as possible for anyone with herpes to meet someone special find love, meet new friends, find support, or just connect with others. You can forget completely about thinking that you going to be rejected because you have herpes. That’s not going to happen.

At the very least you’ll be able to exchange some e-mails with like-minded people. Hopefully you’ll make some new friends. And the best possible outcome will be that you’ll find someone to love or a relationship, and you won’t have to worry about herpes dating ever again!

Dating advice: things men really do not want to have to complain about

Men do not really nag, do they?  Well, a small number of them do, but most of them may make a comment or two and then give up, and possibly walk away.

So if you want to find out how to keep your relationship safe, consider this list of things that men don’t want to hear.  Obviously we’re not advising you to not communicate, but if you take a look at some of these openers, you will understand where we’re coming from, and save a lot of complaining or even nagging!

Constantly asking how you look, or if you look OK: Asking once in a while is OK.  It shows that you value your partner’s views and want him to think you look good.  But asking too much will give the impression that you are insecure and lack confidence, which over the long term can be a real turn off.  Also, asking if you look fat is another issue.  (Is there really a right answer to that one!). Pretty soon you are going to start hearing him say “Stop asking me that!”.

Talking about your ex, or saying you’re friends with your ex: It’s great that you are friends with your ex, or maybe even all of them. But constantly talking about them, introducing them all at once or asking if they can hang out with you both on Saturday evening is not a good idea.  How would you feel if your guy kept talking about his ex and wanted to hang out with her?  Not good, right?  Right.  People want to feel special and the focus of attention.  That’s part of the point of a date.  Some guys don’t mind if you’re friends with your ex, but most do. So sound him out and respect his feelings first, especially if you have just started seeing each other.

Telling him that he looks a bit like your dad, or that he makes you think of your brother: Saying this to a guy who is a friend is one thing, but to someone you are about to date, or your new boyfriend is a bad idea.  And if you keep saying it, he’ll soon ask you not too.  A guy wants to hear that he his sexy, smart and loveable in a way that only a boyfriend can be.

Letting him know that you tell your mother or your best friend everything: This really is a bad idea and it’s probably something you should stop doing.  No guy wants to know that what he is doing or saying is being discussed by you and other people he might not know.  It will feel like a betrayal and will affect the trust in the relationship.  A man needs to know that the relationship is special and not discussed by others.  This is the kind of thing that can lead to a break-up pretty quickly!

Telling him he never does something (such as buy you flowers, chocolate, calls after work): This is criticising, which we all know can sometimes lead a person to feel resentful and deflated.  If you want someone to do something, plant the seed of the idea as a positive suggestion, such as “I’d love to hear from you after work”, or “I love fresh flowers.  It would be great if they were from you.”

Telling him he is boring:  If he is, then again, why are you with him.  You may have to be clear and say you are just not that into fishing, golf, football, cooking, carpentry, whatever it is he keeps going on about.  But even if you are not, try and show a bit of interest and encouragement.

Telling him over and over that you don’t like his family or his friends: He is with you and either really likes you or loves you.  But his family and/or friends are most probably really important to him.  If one person is very problematic and doesn’t like you, and that’s causing friction, then try to talk about the issue and agree a solution.

Comparing him to someone else:  This is along the lines of telling him he never does something.  The overall message speaks for itself. You’re telling him you aren’t happy with him and/or his behaviour and that he is not measuring up to your (unrealistic?) expectations.  If you really do feel this way, you have to ask if you are with the right guy.  And if you keep comparing him, he will either ask you to stop, or break up with you.

Asking him who he’s attracted to and who he thinks is pretty: This may sound harmless but if the conversation happens over and over it can lead to trouble.  As well, he can feel as though he is being manipulated and may not know how to answer.

Asking him about the future, and hinting at living together or marriage: If he hasn’t asked you, chances are he is not ready, or doesn’t want to take the next step.  It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation and make sure you are on the same page.  No one wants to date a guy for two years and then find out that all along he had been planing to go to Australia. But by the same token don’t keep asking him the same question over and over.  That’s the last thing he will want to complain about!

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