free offer increases membership

The Valentine offer is proving to be a success.

More than 100 new members have joined in the past week and enjoying a free one-month membership.

This is part of a special offer for Valentines and has been developed to increase site membership and increase the website profile. Continue reading busy with sharpened Google Adwords campaign; new members join the site has been really busy in the last few months, with more than 400 members joining the site.

We’ve focused on sharpening our Google Adwords targeting, and have picked selected sites on their content network to advertise.

We’re also running text ads on Bing. The response was slow to begin with but it’s slowly improving.

The Guardian published a sexual health supplement earlier this month and we purchased a one-third colour advert in there.  We want people to know that there is an affordable and top quality option for hiv dating and herpes dating.

So word is getting out. If you want to help with promotion of the site, let me know – largest HIV online dating site in UK

It’s official – is the UK’s largest HIV online dating site.

After taking out a membership in, we were able to compare and discovered that we have more members with HIV on our site than As well, we also have more quality profiles.

After looking through profiles at, we can safely say that our profiles are contain more information and are therefore more interesting to other members. This increases the chance of messages and flirts. Continue reading